November 24, 2023

Top 3 Best Unbreakable Toys for Toddlers India 2024 (Durable & Safe)

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Top 3 Best Unbreakable Toys for Toddlers India 2024

Over the years, there have been many types of toys available to buy for our kids. Some of them are not safe for toddlers because they break easily.

if they break easily, it can cause them serious problems. So as a parent, you need to find toys that cannot be easily broken by your children.

Some toys are designed especially for toddlers. They will be safe and convenient for children to play with all day.

Toys stimulate their imagination and creativity as well as improve their intelligence.

We have listed three unbreakable toys for kids, made of high-quality materials and designed in such a way that these are not easy to break.

List of Top 3 Best Unbreakable Toys for Toddlers

Toyshine Take Apart Toys 4 Pack – DIY Construction Engineering Car Toy

As a parent, your very first priority is to select the toys with the safest material so Toyshine is a well-known brand for its safe and durable toys, The size of the vehicle is perfect for a toddler to hold it firmly.

The shiny color of the toys is a perfect ignition to stimulate their imagination so it makes it a useful gift for toddlers. The push and go toy function makes it easy to play with.

Key Features :

  • Safety Standard EN71 passed
  • Set of 4 toys
  • No sharp edges
  • Attractive colors
  • Push and go function
  • No battery required
  • No loud noise
  • Durable and sturdy enough that children can play with the vehicles freely

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SaleOn Plastic Friction Powered Car

SaleOn Plastic Friction Powered Car

The baby’s brain is rapidly developing and you can play an important role in developing their minds because you are the first playmate of your kid.

Playing with kids is the easiest way to feed their minds with useful things. You can help kids to develop their senses- touch, hearing, vision by playing with these push and go friction power toys.

These toys are made with friendly material and bright colors which make it a meaningful gift for a little one.

Key Features:

  • Set of three truck
  • Made with safe and durable material
  • Endless fun because the battery is not required
  • Friction power toys
  • Perfect shape and size which a kid can hold easily

Push and Go Crawling Toy for Kids

Push and Go Crawling Toy for Kids

Have you ever noticed that a child tries to catch the things lying around him especially bright colors?

It’s just because a child’s brain is curious to learn new things through his senses- touch taste smell and vision. So it’s important to get the finest quality toys which help in developing their motor skills.

Friction power toys are the best choice because they are simple in use and put a positive influence on their mind.

Key Freatures :

  • Set of 8 toys
  • The attractive color combination used
  • Made with kids friendly material
  • The simple toy just push and go
  • No sharp edge


Play is a full-body activity for children which helps not only in physical development but also fine motor skills, Push and go function of these toys develops kids’ hand-eye coordination. The major advantage of unbreakable toys is they are made with durable and kids friendly materials which make them the best unbreakable toys for kids. We highly recommend the Toyshine Unbreakable Automobile Car Toy Set because Toyshine is a well know company for kids toys

Things to remember while selecting toys for kids

  • No Sharp Edge: Toys with sharp edges can hurt your child, so don’t buy any toy with sharp edges.
  • Size of the Toy: Small toys 1 inch and below can be swallow by the kids, so avoid buying the toys with a small size.
  • Sound: Make sure selected toys do not produce high sound; sometimes, kids put the toys near the ear, so toys with high sound can damage their hearing skills. 
  • Real Stuff: Kids like to play with copies of real-world toys, like cars, scooters, kitchen sets, etc.
  • No harmful material: toddlers have the habit of putting toys in the month, so make sure toys selected should be non-toxic.
  • Toys Color: Kids get attracted to the brighter color, so make sure selected toys have enough bright colors like Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Green.

Teach kids how to use toys

After buying toys for your home, make sure kids know how to play with them. Participating in playing is the best way to teach your toddler how to play safely.

Don’t forget to teach them how to store toys after playtime. You can use a toy storage basket for this purpose.

No one likes to see the toys scattered on the floor after use, by teaching your kids to put toys in a toy storage basket helps you keep the floor free and also make a good habit in your child.

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