November 8, 2020

Top 3 Best Kitchen Play Set Toy India 2020

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Every parent wants his child to learn things at an earlier stage of life. Girls always want make-up kits and the Best Kitchen Play Set Toy.

In past, Kitchen gadgets and toys are attracted by girls only. But in growing India, boys also cook, and as a matter of fact, they cook well. Cooking is an art, and anybody can do this.

Giving your children such toys that have good and healthy outcomes is the responsibility of parents.

Kitchen Playset Super Fun!

If your child is interested in cooking and wants to learn it, then buy such kitchen gadgets and toys which help them in learning.

Thanks to the YouTube and digital revolution, now you don’t have to teach these cooking stuff yourself.

There are many kitchen playsets available in the market. Try to buy ones who have all the features like,

Durable:  children play roughly and need such toys, which can bear the trouble easily.

Safe: children don’t know right and wrong. So, there should be nothing pointy or hard plastic items in the toys.

Food-Grade: The plastic used must be BPA free and of food-grade quality.

Accessories: Always buy packages. If every kitchen accessory is already in the package, you don’t have to buy everything separately. To ease you in your responsibility of buying fine quality kitchen playsets, we have come up with the best kitchen set toys in India.

1. ARHA International kitchen playset 36-piece

Top 3 best kitchen play set Toy India 2020

Every parent wants to fulfill every desire of his child. If you want to impress a child or show affection, then toys are the best things. Especially when we talk about girls, they are very picky about playsets. Parents also want their children to get involved in such skillful activities. Girls always love to play with the best kitchen play sets. This ARHA kitchen playset offers a variety of features which lacks in most of the Playsets

Key Features

  • This playset may look expensive, but when you see the number of articles in it, you will be surprised.
  • A microwave oven is also available, giving a touch of modernization.
  • Light is also installed in it, giving the stove a burning look
  • Speaker and multiple lights play with a water falling sink.
  • A complete cooking station comes with it, and several shelves are present to place different utensils.
  • It is as realistic as a real kitchen with all features, you have to assemble it, and it’s ready.
  • To operate this best kitchen playset, you need 6 AA batteries.
  • Its dimensions are 72x24x52 cm, weighing only 410grams.

Once your kid starts using kitchen tools, that day is not far when you will eat her handmade food.

  • 36 piece kitchen playset is a pro in itself.
  • Its edges are smooth enough to avoid any misshapen.
  • High-quality, odourless plastic is used in its making.
  • Electronic sounds and lights enhanced its looks.
  • Light-weight

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2. JVM 939 kitchen playset

Top 3 best kitchen play set Toy India 2020

If you’re looking for the best kitchen playset in India, you landed in the right place. Toddlers love to play with things that their mom uses. Instead of restricting them from the kitchen, you can buy them kitchen playsets.

The best thing about a playset is that your child stays in front of your eyes. Especially during such pandemic conditions, this playset is not less than a blessing.

This JVM kitchen playset is the solution to all of your problems as it helps you engage 2-3 children easily.

You can easily assemble all the items and make your customized kitchen.

Key Features

  • Its jumbo size is enough for 2-3 children as it has so many kitchen accessories in it.
  • A misting kettle also comes with it, which also stimulates and makes interesting sounds.
  • You can easily pack this whole kitchen play set into one compact package.
  • A complete cooking range from microwave oven to a simple fork everything comes in this package.
  • As toddlers are attracted to music and light, Different lights and sounds are also placed in it. Just push one button, and the game Begins.
  • It is suitable for kids from the age of 3 years to 12 years.
  • The plastic used in its making is shock-proof as there is no adhesive or chemical use in it.
  • Three AA batteries are enough to make it fully operational.
  • As compared to its size, its weight is nothing, only 3.2kg.
  • The dimensions of this magnificent best kitchen playset are 65 × 48.5 x 11.5 cm.
  • A stimulating kettle also comes with it.
  • 3.2 kg weight improves its stability.
  • Assembling and disassembling is easy.
  • An extended sink is also available in it.
  • Batteries drain out faster because of heavy lights and sounds.

3. Smart craft Ultimate Kitchen playset Suitcase

Top 3 best kitchen play set Toy India 2020

Toddlers are addicted to their mothers; where the mother goes, they keep chasing them. When a girl sees her mom cooking, she also tries it.

But sometimes it might not be as cool as you think. A kitchen is a place where besides foods, many dangerous things are also present like, a hot stove and spices.

The best way to teach a toddler such a cooking scenario is a kitchen playset.

Many kids love to play alone, and this Ultimate smart craft kitchen playset is for them. Such toys also help children to enhance their creativity and imagination.

Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to provide them such productive playsets.

Smart craft offers the best kitchen playset with many distinguished features.

Key Features

  • The package contains 26 kitchen accessories with a compact suitcase.
  • It is extremely portable. You have to place the accessories in it, ready to move.
  • All the utensils are made from laminated plastic with extremely fine finishing.
  • The best thing is that a double toy stove is also available in it. You have to open the case, that’s it.
  • Kids are attracted to multiple colors, so a variety of colors are used in it.
  • The dimensions of this Suitcase are 22 x 24 x10 cm, weighing only 670 grams
  • Light-weight and easy to use.
  • No assembling is required
  • Cheaper
  • Extremely portable
  • Laminated plastic is used to give it a shiny look.
  • It is only for kids above three years.


We highly recommend the JVM 939 kitchen playset but if you have less budget then you can go with Smart craft Ultimate Kitchen playset Suitcase

Playing Kitchen-Kitchen is the classic play of childhood. It helps to improve and learn emotional and creative skills. Most of the time kids insist on working in a real kitchen because kids are born to learn new things but it’s not safe for kids. 

So the Kitchen Playset is the best choice for super fun activities for the children. Pretend play helps the children to learn about the real world.

It also helps the children to learn the name of vegetables, fruits, and the things used in the kitchen. 

You can help your kids to prepare food in their pretend play kitchen set and enjoy the meal together.

By doing this you can teach them the role of teamwork. Help your child to wash and organize kitchen accessories to teach them the responsibility.

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