November 29, 2023

5 Best Baby Wipes in India 2024

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When it comes to choosing the best baby wipes for your little one, it is important to consider the quality of the product as well as its affordability. With so many different brands and types of baby wipes available in India, it can be difficult to make a decision.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best baby wipes in India for newborns and toddlers. We will also discuss some factors that you should consider when selecting a brand and type of baby wipe for your little one.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Right Baby Wipe for Your Little One

Choosing the best baby wipes for your newborns is an important decision you have to make. It can be a tough task, especially when you have lots of options. To make it easier for you, here are some tips that will help you choose the best baby wipe for your newborn.

  • Consider the sensitivity of your baby’s skin. Look for wipes that are specially designed for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic wet wipes as they will be gentle on your little one’s delicate skin.
  • Look at the ingredients in the wipes to ensure that they are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that may cause irritation or allergies.
  • Check if the wipes are biodegradable or not so that you can do your part in protecting the environment while still keeping your baby clean and healthy.
  • Look out for brands that offer quality products as well as value-for-money deals so that you get more at a lesser price.

I hope that the following baby wipes reviews will help you to make the right choice.

List of the best baby wipes in India

Supples Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin

Supples Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin
Supples Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are made especially for babies and are really good for their skin. They are made with things like aloe vera and vitamin e, which help keep your baby’s skin soft and stop it from getting dry and sore. The wipes are also made with pure water, so they are safe and clean for your baby’s skin.

You can use the wipes to clean your baby’s bottom when you change their diaper, or to clean their hands and face after they eat or play. The wipes are really soft and thick, so they feel nice on your baby’s skin.

Key Features

  • Safe and natural ingredients: Baby wipes are made from pure water and are hypoallergenic with no harmful additives or chemicals.
  • Safe for baby’s skin: These baby wipes contain no alcohol, phenoxyethanol or parabens to help protect your baby’s sensitive skin from irritation.
  • Easy and convenient: These wipes are easy to use and are non-allergic, making them more convenient to use than regular paper wipes.
  • Multi-use: With their thick and large design, these wipes are ideal for a number of cleaning tasks around the home, as well as for a variety of uses on your baby.

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera extracts

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera extracts
mee mee baby wipes

Mee Mee Caring Baby Wipes are like magic wipes that can help clean your baby’s bottom when you change their diaper or wipe away any food or drool from their face. You get 72 of them in one pack, so you can use them whenever you need to.

Parents who use them really like them because they work well and come in a pack that can be closed again to keep the wipes clean and wet. They’re also not too expensive, so parents can buy them without spending too much money.

Overall, Mee Mee Caring Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera are a really good choice for moms and dads who want to keep their baby clean and healthy. These wipes are natural and safe for babies, and you can use them for lots of different things, which makes them a really important thing to have in your diaper bag.

Key Features

  • Formulated to keep baby’s skin clean, cool, and fresh
  • Easily wipe off baby’s grimy hands, face, and bottom
  • Gentle on baby’s delicate skin
  • Can be used on babies from birth onwards

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes
Himalaya Baby Wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes are special wipes that can help keep your baby’s skin clean and fresh every day. They’re really gentle and won’t hurt your baby’s skin.

They’re made with something called Indian Aloe and Indian Lotus, which are special things that help keep the skin soft. And the best part is, they don’t have any bad stuff in them like alcohols, silicones, or lanolin, which can make some babies itchy or uncomfortable.

These wipes have been tested by doctors and are safe for babies to use. They won’t cause any allergies or rashes, which is really important for babies with sensitive skin. And they’re gentle on the skin because they don’t have any alcohol in them. So you can use them on your baby’s delicate skin without worrying

Key Features

  • Gentle & safe for use on baby’s face, neck, and body
  • Using this product with the gentle cleanser would prevent dryness, rashes, and other skin irritations that are common with most branded baby wipes.
  • Cleanses the baby’s delicate areas thoroughly without drying out the skin.

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes
Mother Sparsh baby wipes

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are a must-have for any parent who wants to keep their baby clean and comfortable. These wipes are made with 100% pure water, which makes them gentle and safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. They are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, alcohol, and phthalates, which can cause rashes and allergies in babies.

What sets these wipes apart from others is their unique texture. They are made with a special kind of fabric that is three times thicker than ordinary wipes. This makes them more effective at cleaning and wiping away messes from your baby’s delicate skin. They are also unscented, which means they don’t have any artificial fragrances that can irritate your baby’s nose.

Another great thing about Mother Sparsh Water Wipes is their eco-friendly packaging. The wipes come in a biodegradable pack that is made with plant-based materials. This means that they are safe for the environment and won’t harm the planet when you dispose of them.

Parents who have used Mother Sparsh Water Wipes have raved about their effectiveness and convenience. They are easy to use and come in a resealable pack that keeps them fresh and moist for longer. They are also affordable, making them a great value for money option for new parents.

Key Features

  • Made with 100% pure water: These wipes are made with 100% pure water, making them safe and gentle for the delicate skin of babies.
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced: Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are hypoallergenic and pH balanced, which means they are less likely to cause skin irritation and are suitable for all skin types.
  • Chemical-free: The wipes are free from harmful chemicals, such as parabens, alcohol, and sulfates, making them safe for the baby’s skin and the environment.
  • Extra moist: These wipes are extra moist and do not dry out quickly, making them perfect for cleaning up messy diaper changes.
  • Biodegradable: Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are biodegradable and can be safely disposed of in the trash or compost, reducing their impact on the environment.

Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

Little's Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes
Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

Littles Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes are made from soft, hypoallergenic materials that effectively clean your baby’s sensitive skin without causing irritation.

They are free from harmful chemicals and fragrances, making them safe for babies with sensitive skin. These wipes are highly absorbent and can clean up messes on all parts of the body.

The convenient packaging makes them easy to carry and use while on the go. Each pack contains 80 wipes, which should last for several days. Add Littles Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes to your baby’s daily routine for a safe and effective way to keep them clean and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Gentle and Safe: Made with soft and gentle materials, free from harmful chemicals like alcohol, parabens, and SLS, ensuring healthy and irritation-free baby skin.
  • Effective Cleansing: Designed to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from your baby’s skin, perfect for diaper changes and after mealtime.
  • Moisturizing Formula: Infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to keep baby’s skin soft and supple, preventing dryness and itchiness.
  • Convenient Packaging: Comes in a compact size for on-the-go use, making it a must-have for busy parents.
  • Eco-Friendly and Ethical: Made with biodegradable materials, cruelty-free and vegan, a responsible and ethical choice for conscious consumers.


In this article, we have reviewed the best baby wipes available in India. We have also suggested some of the factors that you should consider while buying a baby wipe in India. I hope you’ll be able to find the wipes that suit your baby and your needs the best.

FAQ about Best Baby Wipes in India

What wipes are not safe for babies?

Baby wipes that are made with harsh chemicals, fragrances, or other irritants are not safe for babies. Additionally, some wipes are made with rough materials that can irritate a baby’s delicate skin. It is important to read the labels on wipes carefully to make sure they are safe for your baby.

Does it matter what baby wipes you use?

The answer is yes – the choice of baby wipe has an impact on the health and comfort of your little one. Different types of baby wipes may contain different ingredients, have different textures and offer varying levels of absorbency. It is important to take all these factors into consideration when making your choice.

Are baby wipes better than toilet paper?

Both products are effective at cleaning, but baby wipes offer a number of additional benefits. Baby wipes are pre-moistened and contain skin-friendly ingredients that can help reduce irritation and inflammation, while also being gentler on delicate skin. Additionally, they’re more durable than toilet paper, making them great for wiping up messes quickly and efficiently.

How many wipes does a baby need a day?

It depends upon the amount of mess they are likely to make throughout the day. Wipes are an essential item for keeping babies clean and can be used to wipe their bottoms, faces, hands and other parts of the body. So always buy mega pack of baby wipes.

Are there any specific ingredients to look for when buying baby wipes?

There are definitely certain ingredients to look for that will make the wipes more effective and gentle on your baby’s skin. First, make sure that the wipes are made with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients that are safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Second, look for wipes that are free of fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals that could irritate your baby’s skin. Third, choose wipes that are thick and absorbent, so they can effectively clean up any messes.

Which brand of baby wipes is the best in India?

The best baby wipes brand in India is “Himalaya Baby Wipes” made by the company “Himalaya Global Holding Ltd.”. I have used this brand for years now and I highly recommend this. It is the safest, most gentle and best. Himalaya baby wipes are 100% natural without any harmful chemicals.

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