March 22, 2020

Activity Books For Nursery Kids India 2020

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Activity Books For Nursery Kids India 2020

Activity books for kids is a good way to teach children and make them busy simultaneously. These Activity Books for nursery kids are made to grab their attention and keep them engaged.

There are a lot of activity books in the market, but we have picked the best three of them.

Activity Books For Nursery Kids

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505 Activities for Kids

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1001 Activities Book

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Colouring Books For Nursery Kids

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1. 505 Activities for Kids

Activity Books For Nursery Kids India 2020

505 Activities for Kids Features :

A Potential Model: Activity-based learning has emerged as a potential model for helping a child understand concepts easily and achieve the goals of education. This activity book for young learners includes all the activities such as match the following, coloring, counting, animals and much more.

Facilitates Better Understanding: Activity-based learning facilitates a better understanding of the subject by encouraging the child to complete the tasks at hand and instill a sense of confidence in the child.

Good Paper and Printing Quality: Good quality paper and printing, and spic-and-span illustrations are perfect to motivate the children to learn in a unique and creative way and have fun simultaneously.

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2. 1001 Activities Book 

Activity Books For Nursery Kids India 2020

1001 Activities Book Features:

Enhances educational learning: 1001 Activity Book promises to engage tiny tots with their first educative lessons in a playful and fun-filled manner.

Builds problem-solving capacity: The book will not only provide educational learning but will also improve the comprehension skills of children when they puzzle out the problems and activities by themselves. The beautiful artwork and interactive activities engage the children for a long time.

Enriches the various skills: The activities have been designed in such a manner that they will help to enrich the various skills and to develop the child’s mind and imagination.

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3. Coloring Books For Nursery Kids

Activity Books For Nursery Kids India 2020

Coloring Books For Nursery Kids Features:

Grand Collection: A collection of 12 copy coloring books to spark the imagination and creativity of little children. Titles in the series are Animals, Birds, Insects, Dinosaurs, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Pets, Cars, Robots, Transport, and Professions.

Pictures With Bold Outlines: The vibrant pictures with bold outlines will enable your child to color within the lines and engage them in the joys of coloring for hours.

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